QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotors

From the Worldwide Leader in Braking Technology

Today, one of every three Asian, Domestic and European vehicles on the road in North America include Bosch braking components. That’s because Bosch has been a key player in the braking industry since applying for its first brake system design patent in 1936. Bosch introduced Antilock Braking technology to market, as well as Electronic Stability Control systems. Now Bosch brings years of OE braking experience to the aftermarket with Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotors.

Our rotors utilize innovative materials that ensure the very highest quality – and prevent brake judder, noise, vibration and harshness. Take no chances when it comes to your customers. Deliver the performance you and your customers expect with the durability and long life of all Bosch Products. Rely on the experience that Bosch brings with over 70 years of OE braking expertise.


  • Clear look coating protection prevents rust and corrosion; adds a clean look on today’s vehicles with open-wheel designs.
  • Factory-engraved edge code and minimum thickness specifications allow proper identification and easy discard reference to simplify installation.
  • 100% balanced for smooth operation.
  • OEM-style vane configuration reduces operating heat to optimize performance; reduces vibration that can cause noise.
Program ElementsDescription
Market coverageFull-line domestic, Asian and European
Precision balancedInsures smooth operation
Industry low run-out and DTV specificationsSmooth pedal feel with no pulsation
Heat flowed castingsConsistent wear for long life and quiet operation
OEM style vane configurationHeat reduction extends rotor life
Factor engraved edge codeAllows proper identification and discard specification
Premium clean look coating protectionPrevent rust and corrosion, part number specific
ABS sensor rings included (on required applications)Trouble free ABS/TCS operation


The Science Behind the Silence

Bosch QuietCast™ Premium Disc Brake Rotors utilize vehicle specific castings. The heat flow casting process produces superior G3000, GG20, GG15 and HC (high carbon) casting. Bosch castings provide strength and durability not found
in competitive product. While competitors may provide a low cost product which helps save money, their castings can crack and provide poor durability. Bosch QuietCast™ provides consistent, safe and long lasting performance.

Casting Strength and Durability

Competitors Low Cost Inconsistent Graphite Clusters

  • Inhomogeneous heat flow
  • Poor heat dissipation causing
    • Distortion and run out
    • Judder and vibration
    • Cracking and hard spots
    • Poor durability

Bosch QuitCast Long Graphite Strands

  • Homogeneous heat flow
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Safe, consistent performance
  • Superior noise dampening characteristics
  • Long life

Premium Packaging

Bosch QuietCast™ Premium Disc Brake Rotors are packaged in protective, corrugated boxes featuring high-impact graphics and trilingual copy to accommodate NAFTA market requirements. Illustrated labels include axle position and rotor diagram.

The Bosch QuietCast™ program features a dedicated package highlighting the benefits of superior quality and safe operation, providing a clear upsell opportunity.

Jimmy Finch

Dallas Branch Manager, M&D Distributors

Jimmy Finch has over 33 years of experience in Diesel Engine Sales, Service and Repair. His experience started early in life at Texas Fuel Injection Service (an early acquisition of M&D) as a job with a means to an end. Somewhere in that 33 years this job turned into a fulfilling career. He started in the injector clean up department and has held practically every position leading up to his current role as Branch Manager of the Dallas, Texas location.

In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years, Priscilla. They are currently getting ready to make their way into the empty-nesters stage of life. He also enjoys the occasional hunting trip with friends and family and chasing down potential customers by the names off their trucks.

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