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I have a 6.7L Ford that is blowing fuel out of the top of the injectors, on one bank! Didn’t you tell me about a fitting that gets stopped up and causes this?

Monty’s Answer:

If you put some DEF fluid in the fuel tank it can plug up the injector return line. However, it will most likely break a plastic tee in the fuel return line. The return line has 53 PSI plus of fuel pressure.

Before I install injectors, I would check history of the truck. I would also check for contamination, metal flakes in the fuel system and replace the return hose assembly (this is a must).


Monty Seltz

Technical Customer Service Manager, M&D Distributors

Monty Seltz has 44 years of experience in the commercial, industrial, and automotive diesel repair business. His experience includes 15 years owning and operating a diesel repair shop, completing Cummins and ASE Master Certifications, and serving for over 20 years as the Shop Manager & Lead Diesel Diagnostic Technician for M&D Distributors’ Drive in Service in Houston, Texas.

In his spare time, Monty likes to saltwater fish and hang out with family.

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