6.7L Ford Super Duty Diesel Pumps & Injectors

6.7L Ford Super DutyBosch Part No.Ford Part No.
Injector – CRI Piezo (New) 2011-20140 445 117 023BC3Z-9H529-A, BC3Z-9H529-B
Injector – CRI Piezo (New) 2015-20160 445 117 043FC3Z-9H529-A, FC3Z-9H529-B
Injector – CRI Piezo (Reman) 2011-20140 986 435 415BC3Z-9H529-A, BC3Z-9H529-B
Injector – CRI Piezo (Reman) 2015-20160 986 435 433FC3Z-9H529-A, FC3Z-9H529-B
Injector Seal KitF00E200296
High Pressure Fuel Pump (New) 2011-20140 445 010 649BC3Z-9A543-A
High Pressure Fuel Pump (New) 2015-20160 445 010 810FC3Z-9A543-A
High Pressure Fuel Pump (Reman) 2011-20140 986 437 422BC3Z-9A543-A
High Pressure Fuel Pump (Reman) 2015-20160 986 437 441FC3Z-9A543-A
Pump Gasket1 460 C15 005BC3Z-9417-A
MPROP1 462 C00 998BC3Z-9J307-A
Glow Plug (from 2/01/12)TBDBC3Z-12A342-C
Glow Plug (to 2/01/12)0 250 603 010ZD-17
Fuel Rail (RH)0 445 218 015BC3Z-9D280-A
Fuel Rail w/sensors (LH)0 445 218 017BC3Z-9D280-B
Pressure Regulator0 281 006 017BC3Z-9C968-A
Pressure Sensor0 281 006 064BC3Z-9F838-A

Jimmy Finch

Dallas Branch Manager, M&D Distributors

Jimmy Finch has over 33 years of experience in Diesel Engine Sales, Service and Repair. His experience started early in life at Texas Fuel Injection Service (an early acquisition of M&D) as a job with a means to an end. Somewhere in that 33 years this job turned into a fulfilling career. He started in the injector clean up department and has held practically every position leading up to his current role as Branch Manager of the Dallas, Texas location.

In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years, Priscilla. They are currently getting ready to make their way into the empty-nesters stage of life. He also enjoys the occasional hunting trip with friends and family and chasing down potential customers by the names off their trucks.

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