DSD SL 15-05 CP3.3 Pump 0-445-020-007

Replacement Chain & Cross Reference

February 26, 2015

When utilizing the external search feature of ESI[tronic] for CP3.3 pump 0-445-020-007, you may get a confusing chain of replacements. This is a result of changes in the engine manufacturer/equipment manufacturer ownerships over the past few years. To determine the correct replacement chain of the 0-445-020-007 pump, you need to know the manufacturer of the engine to provide the correct replacement pump.

Cummins produced ISBe (4 and 6 cylinder) Series engines utilize the following pumps:

OriginalReplaced ByReplaced By
Cummins Part Number4898921 or 489704052544615264243
Bosch New0 445 020 0070 445 020 1230 445 020 149
Bosch Exchange0 986 437 3410 986 437 3370 986 437 337

Iveco/Fiat Powertrain produced NEF4, NEF5 and NEF6 Series engines utilize the following pumps:

OriginalReplaced By
Iveco Part Number4898921 or 48969585801382396
Bosch New0 445 020 0070 445 020 175
Bosch Exchange0 986 437 3410 986 437 357

While the 0 445 020 007 pumps were the same, the various replacement pumps have differences particular to the engine manufacturer and should not be interchanged.

For specific equipment/vehicle manufacturers, i.e.: Case, New Holland, VW, DAF, etc. utilized both the Cummins and Iveco engines. In most cases, you will need to ask your customer, which engine is in their piece of equipment. The most reliable reference is the engine data plate to determine the manufacturer.

Jimmy Finch

Dallas Branch Manager, M&D Distributors

Jimmy Finch has over 33 years of experience in Diesel Engine Sales, Service and Repair. His experience started early in life at Texas Fuel Injection Service (an early acquisition of M&D) as a job with a means to an end. Somewhere in that 33 years this job turned into a fulfilling career. He started in the injector clean up department and has held practically every position leading up to his current role as Branch Manager of the Dallas, Texas location.

In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years, Priscilla. They are currently getting ready to make their way into the empty-nesters stage of life. He also enjoys the occasional hunting trip with friends and family and chasing down potential customers by the names off their trucks.

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