Racor Eco-Vent: DEF Tank Vent Filter

DEF Tank Vent Filter

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During vehicle operation dirty air may be drawn into the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) holding tank. If the air is left unfiltered, water and dirt may enter the tank, plugging lines, injection nozzles and damaging the DEF pump. DEF tanks breathe dirty air in and out as air expands and contracts with temperature and as fluid is drawn from the tank.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF for short, the injection systems require clean diesel exhaust fluid to operate reliably.

How the Product Works

When the engine is running and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is active, contaminated air is drawn into the bottom inlet of the Racor ECO-Vent as the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is used.

The Air first flow past a closed umbrella valve and then into a holding chamber that traps particles and condense water, which the drains back out the inlet. Stopping bulk water and larger dirt particles in the holding chamber protects the proprietary barrier media.

Any fine contaminant that reaches the vent filter element is trapped, and any collected water is coalesced on the element surface and returned to the reservoir area, where it drains out the bottom. Clean dry air then flows to the DEF tank. any tank splash getting back to the filter, flows from the top of the housing through a central tube, opens the umbrella valve and drains from the housing.

Jimmy Finch

Dallas Branch Manager, M&D Distributors

Jimmy Finch has over 33 years of experience in Diesel Engine Sales, Service and Repair. His experience started early in life at Texas Fuel Injection Service (an early acquisition of M&D) as a job with a means to an end. Somewhere in that 33 years this job turned into a fulfilling career. He started in the injector clean up department and has held practically every position leading up to his current role as Branch Manager of the Dallas, Texas location.

In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years, Priscilla. They are currently getting ready to make their way into the empty-nesters stage of life. He also enjoys the occasional hunting trip with friends and family and chasing down potential customers by the names off their trucks.

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