Monty Seltz Answers a Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Question

Question: “I have a high pitch noise from my fuel pump – is that a problem?”


The Ford 6.7L Diesel has a DFCM “Diesel Fuel Conditioning Module” mounted on the driver’s side frame rail. Inside of the DFCM is an electric fuel pump and this pump will make some noise which is normal.

If the noise is noticeable or has a High Pitch Noise, the most likely causes are either air in the fuel or a restriction of the fuel tank. Here is a list of the most common problems we see in this situation:

  • No Brand Name fuel filters
  • The Yellow Drain Valve is not tight
  • The Yellow Drain Valve “O” ring is damaged
  • Damaged fuel filter “O” ring
  • Loose lower fuel filter bowl. The lower bowl and the upper housing have alignment tabs. When installing the lower bowl, tighten the bowl until the upper and lower alignment tabs touch one another. Don’t over tighten the bowl.
  • Plugged fuel filter
  • Rust or Debris in the fuel tank plugging the fuel tank sender
  • High mileage – worn out
  • Pump damaged from fuel contamination

Monty Seltz

Technical Customer Service Manager, M&D Distributors

Monty Seltz has 44 years of experience in the commercial, industrial, and automotive diesel repair business. His experience includes 15 years owning and operating a diesel repair shop, completing Cummins and ASE Master Certifications, and serving for over 20 years as the Shop Manager & Lead Diesel Diagnostic Technician for M&D Distributors’ Drive in Service in Houston, Texas.

In his spare time, Monty likes to saltwater fish and hang out with family.

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