G2.8 Injector Connector Installation

Technical Bulletin APTB 03/14 – April 22, 2014

When replacing the AP0040 G2.8 Injector Connector on the injector harness, you will need the following:

  • AP0040 G2.8 Injector Connector
    • Connector Body
    • Orange Lock
    • Seals
  • Small Pick

Note: Alliant Power does not recommend replacing the terminals if broken. Cutting the wires to replace terminals will make the harness too short.

Replacing a Damaged Connector:

  1. Pull out the orange lock inside the connector with a pick.
  2. Use the pick to pull back or break the inner terminal clips and release the terminal from the connector body.
  3. Pull the wires out of the connector.
  4. Install wires into corresponding holes in the new connector and verify each wire is in the correct pin location.
  5. Push the wires into the new connector body until you hear or feel the click of the terminal going passed the
    terminal clip.
  6. After each wire has been inserted, hold the connector with one hand and gently pull on the wire with the other to
    verify that the terminal is properly locked into the connector.
  7. Push the new orange lock down until it clicks, the lock is keyed and can only be inserted one way. The top of the
    lock should be flush with the inside of the connector.
  8. Check the wires again by holding the connector and gently pulling down on the wires. The terminals should not
    slide down passed the orange lock.

See Connector Images Below:


Jimmy Finch

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