Application Guide: Delphi’s Remanufactured All Makes Diesel Fuel Injectors

Application Type

  • Agricultural / Off-Highway Equipment
  • Industrial / Oilfield Equipment
  • Light Duty Trucks
  • Medium / Heavy Duty Trucks


  • Caterpillar (CAT)
    • C7
    • C10
    • C12
    • C13
    • C15
    • 3406E
    • 3126B
  • Cummins
    • Celect
    • ISX
  • Detroit Diesel
    • Series 60
  • Ford
  • John Deere
    • 6105
    • 6125 / 6125H
  • International / Navistar
  • Volvo
    • D11F
    • D12A / D12C / D12D
    • D13F
    • D16F

Delphi Technologies

Ready to move you forward.

“60 years of OE technology and expertise.

Delphi Technologies is proud to deliver OE technology and expertise to create green and global solutions – remanufacturing supports our focus on green by keeping parts on the road and out of landfills. Our remanufactured all makes injectors reflect our OE technological know-how ensuring each injector meets our specifications and provides optimal engine performance.

Each injector is completely disassembled, the components cleaned and examined for wear and breakage. All critical, worn out or non-functioning components are replaced with new parts to help ensure reliability and performance. Then, each injector is reassembled and tested for compliance in fuel delivery, injection pressure and timing.

Our remanufacturing process is streamlined, efficient and meticulous, demonstrating our commitment to Delphi Technologies quality.

Trust Delphi Technologies to ensure your parts are ready for the road ahead.”

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