2015 Alliant Power Diagnostic Tools


  • Genuine OEM Diagnostic Hardware, Software, and Licensing
  • 12 Part Numbers to Match Your Diagnostic Needs
  • Two Fully Rugged Computer Options Offering Superior Performance and Durability
  • First Year Software License(s) Included
  • Annual Software License Renewals also Available Separately
  • Complete Coverage of Ford®, GM®, Chrysler®, Dodge®, and Jeep® Vehicles

Alliant Power Diagnostic Tool Program:

Alliant Power is pleased to offer 12 OEM diagnostic tool packages. These packages range from individual OEM diagnostic hardware and software kits up to complete diagnostic tool kits covering all Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep applications with your choice of two fully rugged computers.

Fully Rugged Computer Options:

Panasonic® Toughpad®/Toughbook® computers are engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust, and grime, making these perfect for the automotive repair shop environment. Alliant Power is pleased to offer your choice of two custom computer options to fit your diagnostic needs.

Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad

  • Lightweight & Fully Rugged Tablet
  • 10.1″ HD Display
  • Daylight-viewable 1920 x 1200 Touch Screen
  • Ultra-Fast Intel® i5 Processor

Panasonic CF-19 Toughpad

  • Fully Rugged Convertible Laptop/Tablet
  • 10.1″ HD Display
  • Daylight-viewable 1024 x 768 Touch Screen
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor

Additional Computer Features:

  • Custom three partitioned hard drive allows dedicated drive for up to three diagnostic software programs
  • 128 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for superior durability
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
  • Certified Panasonic refurbished computers
  • Two year warranty

Two Year Warranty:

All refurbished computers are restored to their original performance. Each unit is fully tested after the refurbishing process is complete. The operating system and firmware are updated to latest factory version and are certified with a two year warranty.

Diagnostic Hardware, Software, and Licensing:


  • Original Equipment diagnostic hardware, software, and licensing
  • 13-month warranty on OEM hardware
  • Diagnostic Tool Registration: Alliant Power Diagnostic Tools require registration in order to activate the software. Please review APTB 15/15 available at alliantpower.com for registration information.


  • Ford VCM 2:
    • Applications: All Ford Vehicles
    • Software: IDS
    • License: IDS
    • Annual License Renewal: AP0112
  • GM MDI:
    • Applications: All GM Vehicles
    • Software: Tech2Win and GDS2
    • License: Vehicle Communication
    • Interface Package
    • Annual License Renewal: AP0114
  • Chrysler MicroPod II:
    • Applications: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep
    • Vehicles (2006 & later)
    • Software: WiTech
    • License: Tech Authority
    • Annual License Renewal: AP0113
  • Chrysler VCI Pod I:
    • Applications: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep
    • Vehicles (pre-2006)
    • Software: DRB 3 Emulator
    • License: Not Included (available separately)
    • Annual License Renewal: AP0113

Diagnostic Tool Selection:

  1. What vehicle coverage do you need?
  2. Do you want a computer?
    • Yes: Panasonic GZ-G1 Toughpad & Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook
    • No: Hardware/Software Only
2006 & Later Chrysler
Ford OnlyGM OnlyChrysler
(2006 & Later)
Panasonic FZ-G1 ToughpadAP0100*AP0102AP0105AP0108*
Panasonic CF-19 ToughbookAP0101*AP0103AP0106AP0109*
Hardware/Software onlyAP0104AP0107AP0110*AP0111**

*Chrysler DRB 3 Emulator (AP0111**) available as an add-on for pre-2006 Chrysler coverage.

**AP0111 Chrysler DRB 3 Emulator requires a Tech Authority subscription. If you do not already have a Tech Authority license, this is available separately as AP0113.

AP Part
DescriptionFZ-G1 ToughpadCF-19 ToughbookFord VCM 2GM MDIChrysler Micropod IIChrysler VCI Pod I1 Year License
AP0100Diagnostic Tool Kit FZ-G1 – Ford, GM,
2006 and later Chrysler
AP0101Diagnostic Tool Kit CF-19 – Ford, GM,
2006 and later Chrysler
AP0102Diagnostic Tool Kit FZ-G1 – FordYYY
AP0103Diagnostic Tool Kit CF-19 – FordYYY
AP0104Ford VCM 2YY
AP0105Diagnostic Tool Kit FZ-G1 – GMYYY
AP0106Diagnostic Tool Kit CF-19 – GMYYY
AP0108Diagnostic Tool Kit FZ-G1 –
2006 and later Chrysler
AP0109Diagnostic Tool Kit CF-19 –
2006 and later Chrysler
AP0110Chrysler MicroPod II
(2006 and later)
AP0111Chrysler DRB 3 Emulator

Jimmy Finch

Dallas Branch Manager, M&D Distributors

Jimmy Finch has over 33 years of experience in Diesel Engine Sales, Service and Repair. His experience started early in life at Texas Fuel Injection Service (an early acquisition of M&D) as a job with a means to an end. Somewhere in that 33 years this job turned into a fulfilling career. He started in the injector clean up department and has held practically every position leading up to his current role as Branch Manager of the Dallas, Texas location.

In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his wife of 24 years, Priscilla. They are currently getting ready to make their way into the empty-nesters stage of life. He also enjoys the occasional hunting trip with friends and family and chasing down potential customers by the names off their trucks.

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